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I have been operated by you and your team for left lobe liver ...
Thanks to Dr Soin, Dr Rahul and their team performing successful...

Patients Reviews

Dr. Hadi Muslim (Ca pancreas, underwent Whipple's procedure)
"I feel happy about the eradication of my tumour. The surgical staff is good and efficient and I am happy. I strongly recommend that all patients with any cancer in pancreas, bile duct or liver should go to Dr. A S Soin, Dr Rahul Kakodkar, Dr Sanjay Goja and their team"

Master Vashist (Hepatoblastoma, underwent Hepatectomy)
"Dr. A S Soin and Dr Balachandran Menon Sir, hume aacha laga ki humare bache ka tumour successfully operate ho gaya, thank you to all surgical team and Dr. Neelam Mohan"

Air Marshal M. S. Vasudeva (Retd.) (Cystic tumor, underwent Adrenal Cystectomy)
This cyst was first noticed during a routine ultrasound and CT scan, about 5 yrs ago; but was erroneously interpreted as "hydatid cyst" and treated accordingly. This wrong diagnosis and therefore
wrong treatment continued for over 5 yrs under different doctors in various hospitals, till finally in March 11, I was given reference of the Hepatobiliary team at Medanta hospital.

I first consulted Dr. S S Baijal, radiologist at Medanta on 15th March 11, who, after examining the latest CT scan, concluded that this was not a "hydatid cyst” but a cystic tumour. Immediately therafter I
consulted the Medanta Liver Surgery Team who also confirmed the exact nature of the cyst and advised early surgery. Dr. A S Soin and Dr. Sanjay Goja looked after my case and I was  briefed  in details & in very clear terms about the surgery and related aspects.

The surgery was successfully carried out on 23rd March 11 and involved adrenal cystectomy and cholecystectomy and biopsy of hepatic nodule.

The post operative care in this hospital was par excellence. During my stay in hospital post operation as well as during subsequent follow up visits, I found the entire team, besides being thoroughly professional, had very personal touch in dealing with patients. They readily, and in easy to understand terms, clarified whatever doubts / queries I had.

I have fully recovered now and enjoying normal life.

Thank you Medanta. Thank you the one the world’s top Liver Surgery Teams!

Air Marshal M.S.Vasudeva (Retd.)

Mr. Ramanand Goyal (Liver tumour, Hepatoblastoma, underwent Liver resection)
Respected Dr. Rahul Kakodkar, Dr. Amit Rastogi and Dr. A S Soin  

I have been operated by you and your team for left lobe liver tumor on 6th April, 2011 at Medanta, the Medicity, Gurgaon.  

On consultation, I got thorough knowledge of the disease and you were kind enough to explain all the pros and cons of operating on the liver. I then understood that your team is not only the country's best Liver Transplant Team, but also the best in Liver and Bile Duct Surgery of all types.

The operation was very smooth and there was no complication of any kind afterwards.  

During my stay at hospital for 7 days the care by your team and nursing staff was excellent. Even after discharge from the hospital, the post operative monitoring was very careful by your team and nursing staff.  

Now almost two months are over. I have not faced any problems.  

I convey my best compliments, regards and thanks to your whole team  

Sincerely yours  
Ramanand Goyal C-94 Lal Kothi Scheme Jaipur 302015 Mobile 9571344649

Umesh Patel's daughter (Rek's shunt for portal vein blockage, stomach bleeding due to portal hypertension)

Dear Sir
Thanks to Dr. A S Soin, Dr. Rahul Kakodkar and their team performing successful and rare shunt surgery, we are happy to inform my baby who was dying from portal hypertension bleeding from stomach, is now in good health and now she is playful. We owe special thanks to Medanta, all doctors and all staff. I am much obliged to you all for saving my daughter.

Wish you all success
Yours faithfully
Umesh Patel

Mr. Banarsi Dass Garg
I, Banarsi Dass Garg, age 63 was suffering from Liver Cancer due to Hepatitus B. I came to know that Dr. A S Soin, Dr. Rahul Kakodkar and others are the best liver surgery team of India now serving in Medanta (the Medicity), Gurgaon, the best Hospital in India.

I contected Dr. A S Soin on 01.09.2010. He planned Liver surgery (Right Hepatactomy) to be done after TACE. I got admitted in hospital twice, once for TACE and then for surgery on 27.10.2010. All the facilities provided in Medanta are top/World class. My stay in Hospital was in the hands of best team of surgeons, other doctors, nurses etc.

I am free from the killing disease called Cancer now. I am 100% fit and fine and doing my daily activities.

I am very thankful to liver surgery team who saved my life. May God bless them.

Banarsi Dass Garg
762,street no. 7,
Guru Nanak Nagar,
Patiala (Punjab)

Dr A S M Zakaria Proctor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
(Whipple's Surgery for tumour of pancreas)

It is my pleasure to let you know my feelings about surgery in Medanta The Medicity Hospital by your team. I am Dr A S M Zakaria, Proctor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Last June I experienced some problem in my abdomen and was referred to Medanta. There, the best team of surgeons – (Dr. A S Soin, Dr. Amit Rastogi and others), examined me, investigated and finally diagnosed. Their quick decision and early surgery saved my life. As a doctor I know the importance of early surgery. Thanks God I got proper treatment by your experienced surgical team and nursing staff.

Regarding hospital environment I felt was very clean, well equipped, beautiful and homely. Hospital admission, discharge and record-keeping is well organized by which my present follow up made very easy and total cost was not so high.

All surgery, how much small it is, have a lot of fear but your team made that fearless and today more than one year over I felt complete healthy. All test results showed negative for recurrence. Post operatively I met you three times; your team cordially and sincerely evaluated my health conditions which impressed me a lot.

Finally I would like to thank Dr. A S Soin, his team and hospital authorities to provide me proper treatment in proper time.

May God bless you
With kind regards
Dr A S M Zakaria
Proctor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shri Raghunandan Mishra Age: 84 years
Down from the year 1955, I have been a practicing advocate mostly on the criminal side situated within the jurisdiction of districts of Madhubani & Darbhanga, Bihar and have also been friendly to eminent lawyers of above districts and stat of bihar. Besides, I being the grandson of Mahamahopadhyay Jaydev Mishra I have been known to his disciple's disciple and have myself large numbers of friends and relations posted on the responsible post in government and non-government institutions.

Suddenly, in the month of Ferburary,2010 I became indisposed off and in such state of health I started feeling pain in abdominal and chest cavity .The persons having concerned with me started taking steps for my treatment and finally the disease was diagnosed as HCC (liver cancer) at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. The doctors there advised for Chemotherapy but I was not satisfied. Many of my friends, relations and persons acquainted started giving out advises as to where I should be treated. When I was in a fix as to whether I should get myself treated bu Ayurvedic Physician , Homeopath or by a surgeon ,my youngest daughter's son Nachiketa Thakur who is studying at AFMC, Pune suggested me that I should get myself surgically treated by Dr. A.S. Soin, then treating at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.

I met Dr. Soin at Ganga Ram Hospital. The very look of him and his sweet & sympathetic talks impressed me very much. His charming personality impressed my mind and as per his advice I decided to get surgically treated even at the age of 83 years when most others avoid it and my decision was ditto by my relations and friends. Even some of the Retired/working Judges of the district as well as High Court too approved my decision Accordingly, Dr. Soin operated and treated me in Ganga Ram Hospital and I became perfectly alright. Subsequently my follow-up check-up continued under him when he shifted to Medanta, The Medicity at Gurgaon. On 31st of May 2011 my grandson was blessed with twins. I feel it is Dr. Soin who gave me a correct advice and treated me which enabled me to bless my great grandsons at the age of 84. I am alright now and do not feel any difficulty in any walk of life and in important cases mostly related to friends and relatives I even appear and plead in the court.

May God bless Dr. Soin and his very competent team of surgeons, as they continue to give lifelines to many others. My best wishes to them.
Shri Raghunandan Mishra Age-84ears.

Patient's name - Mrs. Indu Prabha Garg
Team -Liver Transplant Team Surgeons - Dr. Arvinder S. Soin and Dr. Balachandran Menon
Type of Surgery - Hepatobiliary resection for liver tumour Just the thought of going for another major surgery within a years’ time gave me jitters causing intermittent nightmares. But the team of doctors, pre & post operative staff at Medanta really made the entire experience quite blissful. I have been at many other premier medical institutions either for myself or for my other family members but my perception for healthcare has changed one more time for good at least for the near future and I believe that MEDANTA as an institution & Liver and biliary surgery team of Dr. A S Soin, Dr. Balachandran Menon and others are one of the best in the country or may be in this part of the world.

On the admission process and the room: There was absolutely no problem in the admission process and everything was handled smoothly. As for the room, the rooms were excellent and emitted freshness from each corner. The bathrooms were absolutely clean and it was not even once that I had to worry about the hygiene.

On the pre-operative period: The pre-operative care was also handled very well, right from nurse cleaning the bed to changing the clothes and doctors taking care of every minute detail of previous ailments & medication being taken for hypertension, etc. I did feel nervous going inside the operation theatre with open eyes but the team was quite understanding & supportive on that count too, which made me breathe easy.

On the Junior-doctors: The team of 2-3 doctors used to visit at regular intervals to ensure that I was at ease. They were very polite at listening to any problems I had regarding pain etc. and were quick to act on it. Also, I noticed that they were constantly in touch with the nurses to enquire about my condition and used to instruct them regularly on what has to done. On the Nurses: They were available 24/7 and were there at the ring of a bell, ready to listen to all the problems I had and finding a solution for each of those problems. I felt as if I was being pampered like a small child.

On the senior surgeons: They are polite, caring and certainly the best in this field.

On the Operative period: Well I cannot say anything about this period as I was under heavy sedation, but the fact that I woke up feeling good is enough to conclude that everything was handled perfectly.

On the post-operative period: All the doctors and the nurses made sure that the all the right medicines were given at the right time and that I was experiencing minimal pain. The right food and the right care were provided throughout, helping me recover faster & leave the hospital on the 3rd day.

Therefore I would like to conclude by saying that my experience at “MEDANTA” was excellent and I would like to thank all the people who made it the way it was.

In the end I would just like to add the Quote which gave me the courage and motivation to go for this surgery –

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Thank You All and God Bless!!!!! Indu Prabha Garg