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The North India Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary group has been very active in research in this field and has done some pioneering work. We continue to forge alliances with academic centers, universities from across the globe and participate in initiatives taken by pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations in furthering knowledge in this field.

Our current focus areas of research in this field include:

  • Predictors of portal hypertension and effect of portal hypertension on outcome of liver surgery
  • Study regeneration of liver by using cytokine profiling
  • Use of newer protease inhibitors for treatment of hepatitis C
  • Use of newer immunosuppressive agents in liver transplantation
  • Peri-operative factors for prediction and minimization of blood products usage in liver surgery
  • Recidivism in liver disease after transplantation
  • Non invasive assessment of donor liver steatosis to predict post transplant liver function recovery in recipient after LDLT
  • De novo hepatitis in Core Antibody +ve (Hep B) patients undergoing transplantation
  • Endoscopic management of biliary complications after liver surgery
  • Acute on chronic liver failure, causes and solutions in India
  • Kidney failure secondary to liver failure, causes, optimum management and long term outcome
  • Multi-centric collaborative study to study variations in liver anatomy
  • Calculation of segmental congestion volume in patients with significant inferior right hepatic veins using Intra-sense technology
  • Portal vein thrombosis in patients with liver failure and their outcomes after transplantation
  • Predictors of short term outcome in liver surgery and liver transplants, influence of sepsis
  • Outcome of patients with low GRWR
  • Reduction of liver for transplantation into very small babies
  • Stress cardiomyopathy in patients with liver disease
  • Procalcitonin as a marker of sepsis in liver donor and recipients
  • Hepatoadrenal syndrome, its significance in liver diseases
  • Jugulovenous saturation measurement of cerebral perfusion in patients with acute liver failure
  • USG guided IJV cannulation in oblique view

Members of the group have been active in presenting their research work in national and international forums and publishing them in scientific journals. We are very active in furthering the science of HPB surgery and with this goal have organized and participated in many national and international conferences, seminars and symposium.

International publications:

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